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We love Mutt Strutt and are very happy with our services.  Greg exudes trust, responsibility and care:  He flexes communication to meet our needs, is accountable, and above all, loves our Piper as if she were his own.   We completely trust him with Piper and in our home, and whole-heartedly recommend him! 

-- Heather



I adopted little Lulu from DREAM, a volunteer rescue for dachshunds. Through them I learned what a tough life Lulu had prior to being rescued, so naturally my mission is to pamper her as much as possible. Greg and his team are instrumental in my quest to pamper Lulu. They are wonderful and always willing to help with very little notice when I get stuck at work or while I travel. I actually heard about Mutt Strutt from a neighbor who had been using them for quite a while. I am so glad I followed his recommendation! 

-- Adriana



I worked at home when I adopted my dog, Bud, from the Humane Society. I continued to work at home for the next four years, so Bud was accustomed to me being home with him the majority of the time. When I had to return to an office on a daily basis, I knew that I did not want to leave Bud at home alone for 9-10 hours a day. Luckily, I found Greg and Tina with Mutt Strutt. I could tell from the first meeting that they genuinely care about animals and take the responsibility of caring for other peoples animals seriously. I know that I can always count on them to walk Bud as requested, and they are also great about accommodating last-minute scheduling changes. I can tell that Bud is very happy with his caregivers from Mutt Strutt, and I am very happy to know that I do not have to worry about him when I am away for long periods of time. 

--Rob J.



Mutt Strutt provides a fabulous service for me, and an especially great service for my dog, Jäger. They are consistently reliable, and they give Jäger a vigorous and lengthy walk each day--rain, snow or shine! Mutt Strutt is invaluable to me by providing me with peace of mind knowing my dog gets a wonderful break in the middle of the day. So if you want your Mutt to Strutt, call Mutt Strutt! 

--Jeffery W.



Love At First Strutt: Greg and Tina are rare finds. Bernie is half Mini-Schnauzer, quarter Beagle, quarter Rhodesian Ridgeback and all love. I am extremely particular about to whom I entrust his care. I tried a couple midtown doggy day care centers and a local pet-sitting service, but I felt like Bernie was just any ol' mutt to them. One well marketed pet care facility even brought out the WRONG dog to me at the end of a playday. Fortunately, Bernie fell in "love at first strutt" with Mutt Strutt.  Smart, capable, trustworthy and they love my dog. They even email me photos of Bernie's adventures while in their care. They dont just feed and water my canine best friend. They actually care about the individual personality and true happiness of my pet. And even better: they have brains. I know that if something scary happened, they would know how to deal with it appropriately. Book MUTT STRUTT now!! There is no better pet care 

in Atlanta. 

--Michelle F.



My puppy, Bruschi, can be quite a handful. He is an energetic dog who sometimes forgets how strong he is. For a while, I was leaving him at doggy day care, but I found that often there are so many dogs in day care that it is hard for him to get the attention he needs and deserves. Having been referred to Tina and Greg from a friend of mine who uses them, I have been nothing but pleased with the service they provide. My job requires me to travel from time to time, sometimes with little advanced notice. Regardless, Tina and Greg are always able and willing to take Bruschi for walks during the day and if needed, take him into their home overnight. Whenever we pull up to Tina and Greg's, Bruschi goes crazy and runs into their house in excitement. He found a play pal in their dog, Wally, as well as a much needed "part-time" yard of his own to play in. I feel at ease when I travel knowing that Tina and Greg are taking care of Bruschi. I would highly recommend them to anyone. 

--Anthony S.

Mimi & Henry


Greg & Tina have been sitting for my animals since 2003. They take care of Mimi and Henry as if they were their own. At one point I had another older Chow Chow (Parker) that required a lot of extra attention. She required much patience when out on walks because she was slow due to arthritis. Many pills had to be given with her 2 meals a day due to her advanced age. Greg & Tina handled all of her extra issues with lots of TLC. I highly recommend Mutt Strutt to take care of your animals whatever their needs may be. 

-- Rick W.



Mutt Strutt has been taking care of Lola for about 6 months and I couldn't be happier with the service.  I'm away from home for up to 12 or 13 hours a day and Greg and co. are always professional, reliable and most importantly, they care for Lola as if she were their own.  Lola is a very active little girl and she really enjoys going out for a much-needed break.  She's even made some new friends!  I would highly recommend Mutt Strutt for anyone looking for that peace of mind that comes with knowing that your pet is being cared for in exactly the way you would want.


Cookie & Savannah


I've have used Greg and his services as a cat sitter since Mutt Strut started. One of my cats needs twice daily medication and Greg keeps her on schedule. He even sends me photos of my cat while I'm away. I have, and will continue to refer him and his services to anyone in need of a pet sitter.

-- Jeff M.